Double Electric Breast Pump

This Viverity Double Electric Breast Pump was designed to provide new mothers with the best breastfeeding experience possible to support them along their maternal journey. It is designed for moms who express several times a day, and its simple user-friendly controls make expressing milk easy and effortless.
Comes with two collection bottles to allow for mothers to pump both breasts simultaneously
Collection bottles easily convert to a feeding bottle
Silicone cushion provides extra comfort
Quiet and portable for on-the-go mothers and ideal for daily use
Closed system diaphragm prevents milk back-flow from entering tubing or electric motor
4 preset suction speeds (two for stimulation and two for letdown) to help mothers best match their baby’s natural nursing pattern
Each preset has 7 suction strength levels
Simple LED display provides visual status of programs and functions
Flexible power options — electric-powered or battery operated
Carrying tote included